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Since I've began 1:1 training in a private studio, I can't stand big box gyms. They are too distracting and I find myself annoyed paying attention to everyone but myself 3/4 of the time. For a long time I trained at the end of my shift in the studio, and as nice as it is to have the whole place to myself and unwind after a long day lifting weights, I was getting how way too late. So I decided it was about time to finally put together some kind of home gym for Ryan and I.

I love multi-tasking, and get some of my best ideas in the middle of lifts. So I thought, "what if I had my home gym IN my office, and could lift in the mornings or at night at home, and have access to all of my work in case a great idea comes up!?" Getting to listen to audio books, podcasts, and shows as loud as I please is also a bonus. And working out barefoot in horribly ugly comfortable outfits? Even better.

I've always dreamt of an epic home-gym: garage-style. Full rack, bumper plates, battle ropes, big mirror, awesome sound system...the works. My perfect facility. BUT, as we are on the second floor of our apartment (with very sensitive downstairs neighbors), that isn't possible at the moment. Not to mention all of that equipment is pretty expensive.

I'm pretty flexible and savvy though, so I figured I could put together a pretty decent set-up on a budget. So I did my research, trekked to Walmart and Target, perused Amazon, and got it done. UNDER $500! For any of you that are familiar with the cost of gym equipment, that's pretty damn good. So here is a quick overview of what I found with links, so you too can get your apartment-friendly home gym going!

The first (and most important) step to getting your home facility set up, is to determine what you want to be doing in said facility. This will allow you to design the most functional space, and ensure you are purchasing the right equipment.

My training focuses around resistance training, so that guided my shopping. Ideally, I would have a full rack with barbells and plates, but apartment-living isn’t very conducive to that. So my next best option are free weights and bands.

Here’s a walkthrough of what I decided to purchase and where I found it, so that you can use it as a guide to building your own budget- and apartment-friendly gym!

Gold's Gym bench

Gold's Gym barbell weight rack

CAP adjustable dumbbell sets

CAP barbell 1-50 lb 1-inch plates

Project 62 free standing mirror

Heavy-duty resistance bands

Resistance loop bands

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