5 Wellness Trends ACTUALLY Worth Your Time

With the field of wellness EXPLODING, it's hard to tell what new fad is worth trying and what isn't. So based on my knowledge, my experience, and my research, here are 5 wellness trends that are actually worth trying! There are of course many more that are fantastic, but these five have me the most intrigued right now.

Ditching “Diets”

We have long known that diets are unsuccessful. Yes, the weight may reduce in the short-term, but more often than not, the weight comes right back, and the cycle of yo-yo-dieting begins. As the field of nutritional science and wellness has grown, we can now say with confidence that individuals are unique, so their nutritional needs are as well. So rather than jumping from diet to diet and from trend to trend, focus on finding what works for you, and what kind of eating patterns you can stick to long-term. When it comes to food choice, focus on consuming a wide variety of minimally processed foods. And of course, give yourself some wiggle room so that you can enjoy yourself at times! The key here is finding what works for YOU – what eating patterns make you feel your best, optimize your health, allow for sustainable success, and do not overly restrict. The process of finding your perfect eating pattern is not an easy one. Seeking out the help of a Nutritionist is a great way to improve your success rate.

Nighttime Routines

Did you know that sleep is one of THE most important factors of health? Lack of quality sleep can result in weight gain, decreased cognitive function, increased cortisol levels, storage of belly fat, and can even contribute to the onset of some chronic diseases. In this modern day and age where electricity is ever-present, humans struggle with things like insomnia and lack of sleep for the first time in existence. An easy and effective way to optimize sleep is to implement a nighttime routine. By doing so, your body learns to associate specific signals with winding down for bed and releasing sleep-inducing hormones. Consistency is key here – so do some experimentation, determine which habits make you feel good and relaxed, and stick with it! Soon enough, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

Occasional Prolonged Fasts

Intermittent fasting has been all the rage in the weight-loss world (and anyways, long-term intermittent fasting isn't very effective for weight loss - fun fact!). However, for overall health and wellness, occasional prolonged fasting is showing to be extremely powerful. Performing a 36-72 hour fast once a month has been shown to promote and support general health, strengthen the immune system, support weight loss and weight control, help to preserve muscle while in a caloric-deficit, promote neurogenesis in the brain, and protect against the development of chronic diseases and conditions such as cancer. In a world where food is always available, it is also a fantastic way to give the digestive system a break, and allow your body to restore and repair at a cellular level. If you are interested in prolonged fasting, consult with your physician first.

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy is natural, non-invasive, and painless. It is experienced by humans as gentle heat and is just an invisible part of the sun’s light spectrum. Infrared rays are so safe in fact that they are used to warm babies in the NICU. Infrared light penetrates deep you're your body, all the way to the inner layers of your skin, muscles, nerves, and bones. While research into the health benefits of Infrared light therapy is relatively new, numerous conditions have been proven to be positively impacted by Infrared light therapy. Chronic pain, high blood pressure, stress, insomnia, and other sleep-related problems, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, low body temperature, low immunity, cancer, injury, chronic wounds, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis, allergic rhinitis, CNS injuries, and even weight loss. You may perform Infrared light therapy at dedicated centers, in physicians' offices, or even at home.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is the process of exposing the body to bouts of freezing temperatures. This practice has been performed all around the world for thousands of years. And like with fasting, it is especially beneficial to humans today due to all of the luxuries modern life offers. Individuals practice cold therapy in natural bodies of water, snow, ice baths, and in showers. The easiest, most convenient, and accessible way to integrate cold therapy is the cold shower method. While cold showers or baths are uncomfortable, there is significant evidence showing that this "uncomfortable-ness" is beneficial to our health. Some of these incredible benefits are: increased alertness, improved health of hair and skin, improved immunity, increased circulation, weight loss stimulation via the activation of brown fat, enhanced muscular recovery, stress reduction, and relief of the symptoms of depression. Start slow with decreasing the temperature of your shower – 5 minutes is all you need! And better yet, you get the best of both worlds by first enjoying your hot shower, and then reducing the temperature at the very end.

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