To Detox or Not?

Not. Before I get pushback, hang in there with me.

With health, wellness, and fitness becoming so mainstream the past few years, there are so many positives. More information, more resources, more guidance. But as per anything that becomes trendy, there are quite a few negatives. I’m sure you’ve seen a variety of Detoxes and Cleanses all over the place. Juice, “skinny teas”, interesting water and lemon juice concoctions, powdered mixes, special diets...the list goes on and on. All of these have generally the same claim: to detox, cleanse, and/or “reset” your body (whatever that means). The first very obvious problem here is that it is technically impossible to “detox” or “cleanse” your body and organs. As human beings, we don’t give our bodies enough credit. The body is an extremely smart, responsive, and adaptable system. We have multiple organs whose entire function is to actually detox our bodies. The liver, kidneys, and lungs do all of the hard work of constantly detoxifying the body and removing/dealing with harmful substances. That’s why liver and kidney failure is so detrimental and life-threatening. So the thing that all of these products and diets have in common, the claim of having the ability to “detox” your body, is actually incorrect and impossible. What troubles me the most, is that a lot of these products are actually full of chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients. The whole idea behind a detox is to reduce stress and harm in your body so that health can be optimized. But if the ingredients in the detoxing agent are themselves harmful, is the desired outcome being achieved? Before you pick up a detox, first take a look at the ingredient list. If you don’t know what most of the ingredients are, put it right back down. Another troubling factor, is that most detox programs and products claim to remove a host of toxins from the body. However, these “toxins” are almost never identified. Big red flag. Read that again...a product claiming to detoxify your body can’t even identify what it’s “detoxing” no no. Additionally, there are no reputable studies to back up these claims and products. The BEST way to support and optimize your health is to nourish your body. HELP your body perform the functions it’s meant to. Eat nourishing foods, and your body will be better equipped to perform. So if you really want to do a “detox”, get adequate quality sleep, reduce stress, drink lots of water, live an active life, eat to nourish your body, remove foods that don’t support a healthy system, and listen to the signals your body provides. And in the process, you’ll save lots of money by not buying these crazy products, detoxes, and cleanses! It’s a win win. If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in working with me, don’t hesitate to reach out via messenger or email! 

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