Meditate Your Way

Meditation is extremely beneficial to both mental and physical health. However the fast-paced and highly stimulating world we live in makes meditation challenging. 

When you imagine meditation, I’m sure it involves sitting cross-legged in a soft and quiet room, eyes closed, not speaking or thinking, for long periods of time.  For some people (including me), this just isn’t feasible. I have a hard time clearing my mind, doing “nothing”, and sitting still. So if traditional meditation doesn’t mesh with you but you want the benefits, what can you do? Luckily, there are numerous alternate ways of meditating. With any of the following activities, the goal is to perform them mindfully, calm and quiet the mind as much as possible, breath deeply and evenly, and ground the mind to the body and the body to the ground. 

For myself, the universal factor is that the activity I choose is essentially “nothing”. I am not doing work, I am not reading a book to learn, I am not doing chores, I am not getting anything “done”.  There is no measurable outcome.  I am just being. Here are some of my favorite ways to meditate:

-Walk outside -Paint, color, draw, or sculpt -Play with pets -Listen to calming music -Stretch -Exercise (without TV) -Garden -Hike -Create a new recipe

-Look at beautiful photos in a book or magazine The possibilities here are endless and very personal. What kinds of things do you like to do for meditation?  Share in the comments below! 

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