Home Workout Series: Getting Started & Set Up for Success

I am so excited to start releasing my home workout series!  As my work has gotten busier and more demanding, I’ve had to do a lot of improvisation within my workout schedule.  Morning, afternoon, night, between projects, split into two or three parts, in a hurry...I’ve had to work around it all. As challenging as it’s been at times, it’s been a fantastic opportunity for me to learn and grow as an individual, and also as a trainer.

I LOVE pushing heavy weighs, and my background is in division 1 athletics: so my expectations for a workout are high to say the least.  So I’ve put quite a lot of thought into the workouts I will be releasing (did I mention they’ll be free?!).  Everything has been programmed by me, tested by me, and set-up with success, time, and flexibility in mind.

These workouts are for everyone:  if you just want to move your body and break out into a good sweat, if you are a meat-head, if you are a beginner, if you are a former or current athlete, if you want to lose weight, if you want to tone up,  if you are a new parent, if you work 3+ jobs...I got you.  

Some workouts will be able to be done with no equipment, and some will require minimal equipment.  Before I started releasing this series, I wanted to provide my recommendations for tools and equipment (if you choose to make those investments).  I like to ball on a budget, so you won’t have to spend lots of money.

Optional Equipment:

-Circular bands (varying resistance and size).

-Yoga or exercise mat.

-Foam roller.

-Ab wheel.

-Pair of dumbbells (10-20 pounds).

-FitBox365 and accompanying bands.

Where to Find:

-For the circular bands and ab wheel, I’ve had great success on Amazon.

-For the yoga mat, dumbbells, and foam roller my first choice is TJ Maxx or Marshalls, and second choice is Target (from the perspective of price).

-And finally, the Fitbox365.  This single piece of equipment with the accompanying bands is most definitely the best home-workout item I’ve ever come across.  As you’ll come to see, you can use it to perform virtually any exercise, it’s light-weight, small, and affordable.  I’d definitely recommend checking it out.  

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