Seasonal Chicken Vegetable Soup

There is nothing more perfect to me than a homemade chicken soup in the fall and winter. Filling, comforting, nourishing, delicious...I love it! (It also makes your house smell amazing, extra bonus there!)

This recipe reminds me of coming home after late track meets in high school, starving, cold, and tired. My mom always had dinner ready, and it was always something warm and delicious like chicken vegetable soup.

This recipe is always a little bit different every time I make it, because I use seasonal veggies. However the process is always the same. This recipe does take a few hours to make, but it does not require a lot of attention while cooking, so as long as your home making sure the house doesn't burn down, your all set!

I will go through the ingredients and instructions of how I most recently made this soup, however, remember that this is a very versatile recipe, and you can use whatever veggies and herbs that you love!


-1 whole chicken

-2 small or 1 large sweet onions

-1 head celery

-1 pound carrots

-1 acorn squash

-1 bag fresh kale

-Salt and pepper to taste

-1 Tablespoon rosemary

-1 Tablespoon thyme


1. The first step in making a good chicken soup is to make the stock. In a large pot, combine the whole raw chicken, 1/2 pound carrots broken in half, 1/2 head of celery broken in half, onions (quartered), 1 T salt, and 1 tsp pepper. Fill the pot with water until vegetables and chicken are completely covered. Simmer with the cover on on "low" for approximately 2 hours, until the chicken is fully cooked and the vegetables are tender.

2. Very carefully, remove the chicken and vegetables into a strainer placed inside a large bowl, and let cool to room temperature.

3. While the chicken and vegetables are cooling, place the chicken stock back on the stove over low heat, and add the remaining vegetables (chopped), thyme, rosemary, and salt and pepper to taste.

4. Once the chicken and vegetables are cool enough to handle, shred the entire chicken (adding it back into the soup), and chop the cooked vegetables.

5. Let everything simmer together for one hour, and season to taste.

6. Right before serving, add kale or any other greens.

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