Go-To Breakfast: Easy, Delicious, & Nourishing

Just last night I noticed that I’ve really been on a breakfast kick. Some of my favorite recipes to develop the past few months have been breakfast recipes! I suspect that it has to do with my work schedule. Once I get to work I don’t have the time to really sit and eat a meal until I get home later that night, so to make it through that long-haul I load up on breakfast.

I LOVE eating, so I want breakfast to be delicious, I want it to have enough calories to keep me going for at least 6 hours, and I want it to be balanced and nourishing. However, with all of those factors in mind, whatever I make needs to be relatively quick and easy to prepare. So I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite go-to breakfasts! I’ve divided these into savory options, sweet options, and in-a-pinch options for those mornings that you oversleep or just don’t have time to prepare something.

If you work, if you’re a student, if you’re a parent, if your life is busy in any respect, these are going to be perfect for you. Have fun with them and enjoy!


-Avocado toast – have fun with the toppings here! I like tomato, parmesan, salt and pepper, even turkey.

-2 eggs plus ½ cup egg whites with whole wheat toast or english muffin

-Open-faced breakfast sandwich

-Breakfast sandwich made with frozen whole wheat waffles – like this one!

-Tuna or turkey melt

-Omelet with veggies and cheese

-Seasoned fresh tomatoes with cottage cheese

-Egg white frittata with veggies and ground turkey (this can be made during meal prep, and you can have it all week long)


-Greek yogurt bowl – check out my Instagram page for tons of inspiration!

-Oatmeal bowl with fruit and nuts

-Overnight oats

-Smoothie – vanilla protein powder with frozen fruits, greens, or iced coffee and milk

-Whole wheat waffles topped with Greek yogurt and a variety of fruits, nuts, and toppings – #waffletuesday on Instagram has made me pretty creative; check it out for some ideas!

-Protein pancakes (my most recent discovery)

-Banana bread with nut butter

-Muesli with Greek yogurt, a smoothie, or fruit

In-A-Pinch Options

-Complete Cookie - my favorite flavors are the white chocolate macadamia and the oatmeal cookie.

-High calorie protein bar – I like to keep a box of these on-hand for days where I don’t have time to pack adequate food or am running out the door and can’t even think about breakfast. They’re also great for Ryan’s long shifts at the bar where he can’t stop and eat.

-Individual serving Faye Greek Yogurt

-Single serving trail mix and nuts – I love getting these at Trader Joe’s

-Whole fruit that is easy to eat - apples, bananas, grapes, etc.

-Homemade energy bar, breakfast bar, or protein bar

-Zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, or banana bread muffins.

-Iced Coffee + vanilla protein powder + shaker bottle = breakfast and coffee in one

-Proat bars

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