Affordable Athleisure & Workout Clothes

As a personal trainer and former athlete, I have basically lived the past 12 years of my life in athletic clothes. So of course my favorite non-workout style is athleisure. My style is pretty simple aesthetically, and when I workout it's all about function, comfort, and durability.

As much as I'd love to buy only Lululemon, Adidas, Nike, and Athleta pieces, it's just not in the budget. Especially since I workout so much, the clothes themselves don't last as long. Of course higher priced/quality items last longer, but still, not as long as you'd expect.

Because my work uniform is basically athleisure, I like to have a nice variety of pieces to choose from. Wearing the same sneakers and leggings every single day is just boring. So in order to be able to diversify my athleisure and workout wardrobe, I've devised a little system for what is worth investing in, and my favorite places to buy affordable items.

I like to invest in a few pairs of compression leggings (for my own workouts), and a few zip-up sweatshirts (for work). My workouts are all focused around lifting, so see-through leggings that are always falling down just aren't an option. And at work I'm always cold and like to wear a zip-up over my uniform top, so investing in some nice, warm, and tailored-looking zip ups is worth the money for me. So when deciding what to splurge on, keep your environmental factors in mind, as well as when/how often the clothing will be worn.

For athleisure bottoms and workout tops, I go to my more affordable sources. It's fun to keep up with athleisure styles, and since I don't generally wear these kinds of pieces during workouts, they last much longer. Lifting weights, shirts tend to get gnarly pretty quickly, so with tanks etc. I tend to go simple and affordable because I know they won't last very long and will need replacing.

Finally, sneakers. Ryan and I definitely have a sneaker problem. We just can't get enough of them. However I'm definitely not willing to spend upwards of $150 on one pair, so while I don't have one source for sneakers, I do a lot of research and snooping before I buy a pair. I rarely ever buy straight from the retailer. DSW, Amazon, Kohls, outlet stores etc., are all great places to find nice sneakers for a fraction of the price, especially if you have a store card and/or coupons.

So: my favorite affordable athleisure / workout stores and brands:


-Old Navy


-TJ Maxx







-Outlet stores

I hope that this was a good guide for 1) where to splurge, and 2) provided some good resources for affordable items. What are your favorite places for workout, athleisure, sneakers, and training accessories?! Share in the comments below - I'm always looking to expand my closet ;)

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