Make-It-Yourself (Healthy) PSL

Today is September 13, so that means we are right in the middle of pumpkin-spice-everything season. People everywhere are flocking to Starbucks for their first PSL's of the season, and the 380 calories and 50g of sugar that comes along with it (grande).

I've never had a pumpkin spice latte from anywhere except my own kitchen. I don't like my coffee sweetened (there is no un-sweetened option), and am not willing to consume 50g of added sugar in a single drink - or a single day for that matter! By all means, treat yo' self here and there, but if you're like me and love the fall flavors and want to enjoy them more than just once a year, this recipe is perfect for you!

Making a "PSL" at home is so easy - you can use brewed coffee or espresso, whichever you have. This recipe makes a flavor concentrate, so all you need to do is whip up one batch in your food processor or blender, keep it in the fridge, and add 1 T to your coffee whenever your craving some fall deliciousness.

The best part about this recipe, is that you really get the fresh flavors of the pumpkin and spices. When you order drinks like this at coffee shops, all of the flavors are added via sugar syrups, but here we are getting a true flavor concentrate.

If you're really 'tryna go crazy, you can add an embarrassingly amount of unsweetened whipped cream (as seen in the photo lol) on top, and you'll be in heaven. Unsweetened whipped cream is my favorite food. No shame.

When making this recipe, or anything pumpkin spice, you can either use a pre-blended pumpkin spice seasoning, or make your own. Pumpkin spice is simply a combination of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. I already love putting cinnamon in my coffee for all of its health benefits and bold notes, so adding a few more flavors makes it even more delicious.

When buying pumpkin puree, make sure to buy 100% pumpkin puree, and not pumpkin pie filling - the two can be easily mixed up thanks to similar packaging.

In my recipe, I added a tiny bit of honey to the concentrate to help bind all of the flavors together, but you don't taste any of the sweetness once you add the concentrate to your coffee.


-1 cup canned (or fresh) pumpkin puree

-1/2 cup room temperature brewed coffee

-2 tsp. vanilla extract

-2 T pumpkin spice blend

-1 T honey or maple syrup


-In a food processor or blender, combine all of the ingredients, and blend until fully combined and smooth.

-Transfer PSL concentrate to a mason jar or tightly sealed tupperware container, and store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

-Simple add 1 T to hot or iced coffee, mix until combined, and then make your coffee how you normally would.

***Huge amounts of whipped cream optional***

Nutrition Information - makes 24 1 T servings

6.8 calories, 1.5g carbohydrate, 0g fat, <1g protein

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