My Favorite Superfood: Water

First off, let me say that I just hate the term "superfood". It plays into the whole idea of magic bullets, quick fixes, and fad diets. No one food will single-handedly drastically change your state of health, melt off those last 10 pounds, or change your life. It's all about the big picture, overall lifestyle, and balance. However if I really had to choose my favorite "superfood" it would definitely be WATER.

Water and hydration are so often under-appreciated in health and wellness, and really play crucial roles in so many aspects of health. The average human adult body is 50-65% water. This fact on it's own shows just how crucial it is to maintain hydration. Water affects every process in the body, and by increasing and maintaining hydration, we can seriously boost our health.

The question of how much water you should be drinking each day is a common one, and can be tricky to answer. The amount varies person-to-person, and depends on multiple factors: activity level, climate, temperature, body weight, height, body composition, diet, genetics, etc. As a rule of thumb, shooting for anywhere between 2 and 4 Liters per-day (depending on the above factors) is a good place to start. Research has shown that adequate hydration has the following health benefits:

-Improved brain function

-Improved mood

-Improved physical performance

-Improved skin color and "glow"

-Improved skin composition (hydration and acne)

-Prevents and regulates bloat

-Improved GI regulation and function

-Improved weight maintenance

-Improved ability to loose weight

Increasing hydration can be extremely difficult for some people, especially if they are used to not drinking much water at all, and drinking juices and sodas instead. However once you make that change (speaking from experience) there's no going back - the positive difference in the way you feel is amazing. Interestingly enough as you begin to hydrate more often, you feel more thirsty, making it easier to maintain increased hydration!

When it comes to taste, I find it easier to drink water that is lightly flavored with fresh fruit and herbs. My favorite add-ins are fresh lemon, lime, grapefruit, basil, and mint. I also sometimes like to use frozen berries such as cranberries and raspberries. There are so many great options for giving your water a little extra flavor - so be creative and use fruits and herbs that you love!

Finally, find a bottle that you will be able to take everywhere, and will enjoy/look forward to using. Personally, I use a 32 oz insulated tumblr with a straw. I chose this particular bottle because my daily water goal is 1 gallon (so 4 fill-ups of my bottle), the insulation is amazing and keeps water and fruit cold all day long, and I find that I drink much more water when I have a straw. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Target are all great places to find your perfect bottle!

So how do you stay hydrated? Share your favorite tips and tricks in the comments!

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